September 5, 2022

[FREE] The Webflow Landing Pages Template You Need

Get these free Webflow landing pages templates and craft them however you may need to.

As coaches and educators, it can be a challenge to find more time to seek out new businesses as you already handle a number of clients now. You may also have a hard time choosing the right channel to find new clients and connect with the right people. Or maybe, you just have a hard time building a professional presence online.

Creating a landing page may be what you need.

Landing pages are a great way to build an audience, but they can be intimidating to create. This resource will give you everything you need to make your own landing page, from a simple one-pager to something you could transform according to your own needs. You'll have all the essential strategies ready for you in no time.

What’s in the link?

Cloneable Webflow template:

  • 1 Ebook Offer Page
  • 1 Newsletter Subscription Page
  • 1 Course Offers Page
  • 1 NFT page
  • Extra linktree page

What makes it different from other templates?

  • It is FREE to clone
  • Optimal section flow was considered for better conversion
  • WOFF2, Webp, SVG files for a high-performance score on page speed
  • Copy template is made to be easily rewritten for your needs
  • No image licensing required
  • Background and illustration pack free to use
  • Extra profile Linktree page included

Check out how it looks like and the process to its creation HERE.  

Why did we build this template?

For a long time, templates have been made to attract aesthetically. What we forget is that a website or a landing page isn’t meant to please our own eyes but rather be the solution to what the user needs.

We focused on helping educators, coaches and professionals who want to productize their personal brand by offering a digital product offer: Ebook, newsletter, course, NFT.

We built the MVP landing pages by including sections that provide key value information to the visitor. From there, we decided to write our own copy by selling a fictive product on each page. This could be used as inspiration to rewrite your own copy. Finally, the branding elements such as colors, background and illustration were hand-drawn to be used by anyone for free.

Get ready to practice building your presence online and access your free templates HERE.