Our services are meant to help brands connect with their users in new meaningful ways.

We breakdown the step-by-step process from creating a brand identity, designing a visual language, prototyping your project to developing a responsive website.

Discovery & research

An in-depth discovery phase where we unpack insights about your goals and your users’ needs. We will analyze user profiles, immerse into your business goals, and assess your competitors to generate information to guide the brand’s direction.

Brand strategy & messaging

We build a strategic plan to help you establish a consistent message across all your channels with your own tagline, campaign headline, and a brand voice.

Design sprint workshop

Together, we brainstorm and prioritize on the current challenges we need to address and come up with concrete solutions through a workshop process that allows us to make quick and practical decisions.

User experience

We outline the overall structure of your site, its user flows, and content strategy that defines the user experience. The site structure and user flow contained in the wireframe will be used to guide development.


We separate planning from the execution by dedicating our time on the strategy phase for more clarity & efficiency during the design & development phase.

Logo & identity design

Through a collaborative and effective process, we design and develop your brand’s logo compositions and its general visual identity.

Brand scaling & rebranding

We assess you’re brand identity standards, surface its pain points and provide solutions to address your production needs and move forward in improving and scaling your brand.

Design system & brand guidelines

To ensure a consistent and cohesive brand visual identity, we create your living guide to your own brand and its entire system complete from brand information and background, logo usage, color palettes, typography use, photography style, common errors, and more.

Social media branding

We help you extend your visibility in the digital space by crafting profile and cover images, bios, and more, that allows you to build a strong and consistent online presence and brand recognition that makes you stand out.


In design phase we allocate time to search, imagine and conceptualize ideas before we commit to the development at a larger scale.

UI/UX design

We deliver a complete and exceptional user experience and intuitive design for you and your users through rigorous research, trials, and evaluation of users’ needs and requirements.


Through the insights we have drawn from the discovery phase, we create a wireframe prototype of the website which allows us to collaborate in the early stages of production. These wireframes will then be converted into full website prototypes in Figma, integrating the brand story and assets into a responsive prototype.

Custom content management system

We help you in maximizing your backend efficiency and establish an environment for your content. This allows users to interact with new data, content and integrations.

Webflow development

This is the synthesis of all the phases and work we have done with you so far in order to achieve in-depth insights, visual impact, and ultimately your conversions. We create and develop your website as the digital home of your brand.


The development phase is where all the execution happens. From Figma to Webflow, we make sure every page contributes to the user’s best interest.

Meet the brand designer behind Most Invisible

My name is Elias and I’m the founder at Most Invisible. I have nurtured my love for storytelling and visual arts by contributing to rebrand several brand into better powerhouse identities.

I’m on a mission to tell the story of businesses & organizations that are doing a positive impact in the world.

My passion for design, branding & human psychology in general has led me to work with various brands & entrepreneurs throughout different industries such as event & entertainment, e-commerce, education, non-profits, physical/mental health & more.

Looking forward to hear about your business and the challenges to overcome.

Is Most Invisible the right fit for you?

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