November 22, 2022

How much does it cost to design a personal webpage yourself?

Building a website is a lot more challenging than it sounds. Many choose to look for web design services online. Find out more about how much it cost to design a personal webpage yourself.

You need to be ready to invest time in planning, designing, and setting up a web page. Remember, some platforms let you build your website for free within their host domain. We want to explore the best options that are easy to use with quality service and at a reasonable budget (prices are in USD):

  • Hosting (500 dollars per year)
  • Domain ($25-$100 per year)
  • Page builder (price range: 10-500 dollars per year)
  • Booking Integrations ($120-$500 per year)
  • Template (0-200 USD one-time payment)
  • Video hosting ($400  per year)
  • Plugins, resources, and add-ons (from $60 to $400 per year)

Building a website from scratch is a lot more challenging than it sounds. Because of this, many choose to look for web design services online. There are many web design services out there that you can choose from. However, before deciding on any web design service platform, there are some factors to consider, such as pricing.

How much you have to shell out for building a website depends on which platform you choose, where you're hosted, and whether new features are involved. WordPress has the largest community of developers; Squarespace and Wix have the most options in template designs—but it all comes down to finding the right balance between your needs, budget, and experience level. To complete the picture, here are price comparisons for the top four website builders: Webflow, WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.





Website Hosting (0-500$ per year)

If you have a website, you likely pay someone else to host it. Hosting allows people to find your website when they look for it online. It also allows your site to load quickly and easily for visitors and to make changes to the webpages stored on your server without having to type all of those changes in by hand.

If you use a free service like Tumblr or Blogger, then your work is hosted by them, and it won't cost you anything unless you opt for added services like premium themes or paid upgrades. TOtherwise, the price of hiring someone to design your website will depend on where you live and how many hours they need to spend working on it. Generally, the cost of web hosting is usually around $0—500 per year, so if you are looking at options that are much more than that, then you're probably considering professional web designers who can handle everything for you.

Your Domain

Before anything can be done with your website, you need an address for people to find it on the internet. This is what's called a domain name, and it's a unique identifier that points people toward your site.

Most web hosting companies will give you a free domain with your purchase if you choose one of their hosting plans for the first year, but if not, you can generally purchase one for between 25 and 100 dollars per year. If you want to use something other than your name as your URL, you'll also need to pay an additional fee called a "fancy name," which can be anywhere from 5 to 30 dollars.

Note that some specific and populaire domain names might go beyond 100 dollars per year depending on the price asked and the value of the domain. For example, cost around $1,800 USD , while sells for $16 USD.

Page Builder (price range: 10-500 dollars per year)

Webpage design can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the level of customization you need. A more comprehensive platform that allows for extensive customization will definitely be more expensive.

A basic website builder will cost around 10 to 50 dollars per month. It is rather important to note that there is no way to tell how much it will really cost until you have spent hours figuring out how to use it and have finally added all the features you want.

In the end, it will just be safe to assume that it will cost you around 10 to 500 dollars per year for a custom website that can be completely yours, depending on what you're looking for and your level of technical knowledge.

[For example, if your business is expanding and you need more storage or bandwidth, it's going to cost more than someone who doesn't have as much traffic as you do. ]

Booking Integrations ($120-$500 per year)

It can be easy to think that once you get your webpage up and running, you're done. But if you want your site to be successful, you have to make sure that it works with all the other important tools your clients use.

For example, when a client books a service with you, the booking software automatically processes and tracks the transactions, including the payment and reservations. If you use an existing booking system like this one, it will cost from $125 to $500 per year, depending on how many pages are on your website.

In addition to booking integrations, some of the most popular integrations include mapping information for locations that serve meals or alcohol and inventory tracking for businesses that need to keep track of their inventory. These extra features will cost from $100 to $400 per year, depending on how many pages are on your website.

Templates (0-200 USD one-time payment)

By now, you probably think that creating a website can be an intimidating and expensive prospect, but it doesn't have to break the bank. In the past, web pages had to be designed by people who knew how to code or had design skills, which made them more expensive because they had to be built from scratch. Today, however, there are a number of website designs that can be easily customized using drag-and-drop functions or templates. The result is a design that is appealing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Of course, each template would cost you between $20 and $200+. But the flip side is that they often only come with a one-time payment.

Video Hosting ($400 per year)

If you only need a simple website with some basic information, the costs will be minimal.But if you want to add video hosting, professional-looking photography or graphics, interactive features like game elements, or you simply want to make sure that your webpage can be found in search engines and will have enough customization options to reflect your own unique style, that's when your costs will add up quickly. Including video hosting for your website, in particular, will cost you up to $400 per year.This figure varies greatly depending on the size of your video and the plan you choose.

Plugins, Resources, and Add-ons (from $60 to $400 per year)

Finally, you need to think about your plugins, resources, and add-ons to complete your webpage. Plugins have been an important part of programming, browsing the web, and making content for a long time. They are necessary in making sure that even the most basic tasks, like getting to documents or making forms on your webpage work well, go well. Especially if you have no experience making your own website, it may be worthwhile to pay for a good-quality plugin that will help you get started.

The cost of plugins, resources, and add-ons will vary depending on what you need. You may have to pay around $6 to $400 dollars per year if you decide to use many plugins and extra perks that help design your webpage without knowing how to code.

Choosing a platform to build your own personal website requires you to understand your needs and budget, as the cost and potential of building your own website vary.There are many platforms that offer free tools and hosting, so it is possible to create your own website (or blog) for free. Beyond that, there are plenty of designers and developers who can help you build an effective and proven website on any platform you'd like, so better prepare and invest than waste your time and energy later on.

In general, you can expect to invest anywhere from $20 to $500 per year, depending on what you're looking for. Once your site is ready, consider all the possible ways you can earn from your webpage.