August 9, 2022

How to start creating content

More than practicing our expertise in our fields and applying what we have been learning, creating content can bring so much more to our business.

Why create content?

More than practicing our expertise in our fields and applying what we have been learning, creating content can bring so much more to our business.

Creating content will allow you to build more business for yourself. Aside from traditional ways of marketing like networking and cold-calling, not only does it give potential clients access to your work in one convenient place and allow them to see your expertise firsthand, but it also allows them to see how well you communicate with others and how quickly you respond. The more time they spend with your brand and the more they trust in your knowledge, the easier it will be for them to hire you for their next project – which is exactly what we want!

The aim should be to create valuable content so that people will not only read but remember your work.

But how do we start creating content exactly?

Finding a topic

The first step is to find a topic that really interests you. Once you know that, it's much easier to come up with a plan for a blog post. If you're having trouble finding something interesting to write about, try brainstorming with friends, reading blogs that cover similar topics, or even asking your audience themselves what they would want to know about.

Another good place to start is by thinking about your own experiences and interests. What's something fun or interesting that's happened in your life recently? If you've been learning something new, maybe it's something that would make a good series of posts. Maybe there's a hobby that has gotten more out of hand than you were expecting and now you're looking for tips on how to reign it back in—maybe that could be turned into a helpful guide for others who have found themselves in the same situation. It doesn’t have to be a complex subject, you just need to get started.

Pick a format

Once you determine the topic you want to talk about, share what you know through either written words, voice audio, video, or visual images. It’s important to pick what you’re most comfortable with, that way you can dive deep into the subject and not worry about having the perfect format to deliver your message.

The great thing about content creation is that there are so many formats and mediums out there that it can be difficult to pick just one. However, that also means that it might be hard for you to know which one suits you best. But the important thing is not necessarily finding the perfect fit, but instead finding the right format and medium that will let you start creating content—even if it feels a bit out of your comfort zone. Focus on the value behind the content instead of the format it will be delivered.

Sharing in quantity over quality

It can seem like such a daunting task to begin producing your own posts, especially when you see others with their seemingly perfect lives posting things that seem so easy or effortless, but the goal is to get the ball rolling, meaning getting started.

In the beginning, however, it's not about the content you put out there—it's about putting something out there. You want to get into the habit of posting regularly and doing it right. In the beginning, we just want to keep moving, eventually, we’ll get better & deliver more quality and value to our audience.

Find your audience in communities

Finding your audience is no easy task. It can take weeks or months of work, and even then it can be hard to find all the people who would be interested in seeing your work.

What you can do is join a community of people in your field and content creators. You can also try connecting with people who are already involved in the community that you want to be a part of. You might try joining one of the relevant communities on Reddit or Facebook, for example, and engaging with people in a thoughtful way. By participating in ongoing discussions, adding your own unique perspective, and slowly building up a rapport with others, you can begin to establish yourself as an integral member of the group. It's important not just to share your thoughts, but also to listen and learn from others as well. If someone takes the time to offer feedback on one of your posts or provide other resources related to what you're writing about, take the time to reach out and thank them.

This kind of engagement is crucial because it establishes trust—the most valuable resource online. Once people recognize that they can trust you as a reliable source of information, they will be much more likely to check out other things you do. Share, give and participate.

Listen and adjust

When you are now up and running, creating content for your platform, it is then important to not just keep doing this over and over. Learn to listen, monitor, and adjust.

Another important component in the content creation process is looking at your analytics. What kinds of content did your audience like the most? Which of them had low numbers? Engage with them actively, and ask them what they want to know. These are effective indicators of what your audience truly cares about.

By monitoring this information and adjusting accordingly, you become better at providing content that they truly see as valuable.

In the end, it's about understanding your audience and being able to articulate that message in such a way that you engage everyone. You have to connect with your audience and deliver on their hopes, dreams, and desires. While this may not be easy, you can learn and work on achieving this through time and practice. If you are already creating content or struggling to do so, try applying some of the tips here and take a look at your analytics. See what worked and what didn’t. Now, if you’re still in the thinking phase of creating content, take this as a challenge and try to post something about your takeaway from this blog post today! Better done than perfect.