Gala Dynastie

Build your Dynastie - Gala Dynastie 8th edition

In the heart of Montreal, the 8th edition of Gala Dynastie reveals this year's theme, "Build Your Dynastie". As the curtain rises on this spectacular event, every attendee a character in this grand narrative of legacy and empowerment.


Event & Entertainment


Montréal, Québec


Brand & Web Designer

The project

Gala Dynastie, a beacon of Black culture and excellence in Montreal, celebrated its 8th edition with a vibrant new theme: "Build Your Dynastie." Our challenge? To visually encapsulate the idea that everyone has the power to shape their destiny and contribute to the broader community's legacy.

The challenge

The Gala Dynastie needed a fresh, original visual language that could draw in first-timers and resonate with past attendees. The mission was to craft a cohesive design system that would guide all creative outputs, from web design to physical event decor, encapsulating a palace aesthetic that echoed the grandeur of the event.

The solution

Our comprehensive solution involved a major overhaul of the Gala’s digital presence, starting with a sleek new website that set the tone for the entire event. We rolled out a unified branding strategy that touched every point of interaction with the audience—from social media posts and event signage to promotional prints and 3D elements.

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