My Life Aesthetic

From digital drawing to scaling an etsy shop

MyLifeAesthetic is an in-house project started in 2020. The goal was to offer breathtaking landscape drawings that could be used as a room decor for students & remote workers.


Arts & collectable


Montreal, Canada


Animation & Illustration, Ecommerce development

The project

Inspired by animation movies & the gaming industry, I wanted to create and share a piece of my daily lives by creating unique illustrations that can be hung as room decor. Etsy was the ideal platform to learn and test the target market. So the project was called the “My Life Aesthetic”.

The challenge

The online arts & home decor industry is a highly competitive space for any artists wanting to sell their drawings in the web. We simply wanted to test an unserved audience that could be interested in buying colourful anime artwork for their own office space. With a minimal budget of less than $500, we started studying and conceptualizing different drawing styles in order to upload them as posters.

The solution

We partnered with a printing facility to handle the production & shipment process. Every new artwork would be tested on the Etsy platform until we could identify what customers liked the most. With the data collected, we listed better ideas & concepts to sketch.

MyLifeAesthetic Etsy shop has received 500 orders since its beginnings providing mainly to Canada, USA, United kingdom and Australia. Our goal next is to expand the brand beyond Etsy.

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