November 25, 2022

How to do mind mapping for your project

Mind mapping is a great tool to organize your thoughts, create a blueprint for your project, and keep track of all the moving parts. Find out more about this in today's blog post!

Mind mapping is the process of taking words to map a solution or idea more clearly. This process helps you when creating a brand identity based on keywords and concepts. We start with the company name at the center, write down relatable words around it, add more sub-words into the first keywords and connect them into a tree. This works for any company in any industry.

Mind mapping is a great tool to organize your thoughts, create a blueprint for your project, and keep track of all the moving parts. Just like its name suggests, mind mapping is a way of creating a visual map of your ideas, a web of sticky notes filled with words and pictures that help you get your thoughts in order.


Brainstorming is an essential part of any project because it gives you a lot of benefits. It can give you many ideas that may eventually be useful to you, and it helps to have an overview of all the aspects of your project at one glance.

Brainstorming is a terrific approach to solving problems and generating new ideas. It enables one to explore situations from perspectives outside of conventional thinking. Also, the creation of a mind map can help you to maintain clarity in your thoughts during your brainstorming session, and it will help you structure all your thoughts in a logical order.

Creating an Outline/ Task Mapping

Task mapping is one thing you have to learn.  In a way, it is like outlining your project or tasks; however, it is more visual than an outline and lets you see the whole picture.

A task map is a graphical tool that shows where skills are lacking or duplicated on a team. The idea of mind mapping is that you can see all your ideas in one place without having to scroll through your document. The other benefit of mind mapping is that it allows you to rearrange your ideas easily. You can move them around and see how they fit together without having to worry about losing anything.

Making a Gap Analysis

Gap analysis is a technique for identifying the gap between a project's current position and its desired future state. It is a great tool for helping you see where you are now, what needs to be changed, and how you can make those changes into reality. It's also incredibly helpful in identifying the core problems of your project and the next steps to take. When you are able to determine the gap, you can generate solutions to current problems and problems that may arise in the future.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is a common business model used to lay out an organization's or project's components. By breaking down what's already in place, how it could be improved, and potential threats or problems that may arise, you develop a comprehensive way to see what pieces fit together in your current layout and plan accordingly for the future. To do this analysis right, you'll want to keep your options open as you brainstorm—don't let yourself think that any specific idea is too out there or won't work. It's better to jot down every idea that comes into your head and then evaluate them later than skip over something that could have been a major game-changer.

Overall, pursuing a brand identity project is not good before doing mind mapping. Mind mapping is essential for translating key ideas into brands' words and images. The process of making a mind map can help solve many problems in thinking, improving, and developing ideas, it's a helpful method for researchers, writers, students, and designers. Now you can see how it works practically that is to apply it to your own work.

Now that you have read the basic principles of doing a mind map, how can you apply them to your work?