October 7, 2022

What makes content viral?

We all have come across viral content at some point but what really makes them "viral" and reach our feeds? Find out what makes content viral in today's blog post!

Viral content reaches millions of audiences worldwide and contributes highly to the fast dissemination of information about a specific topic. But, in order for content to be viral, it needs to be inspirational, entertaining, funny, educating, and highly based on facts.

Growing up in the internet age, we're all pretty familiar with the term "going viral."  Viral content simply means that a piece of content like a blog post, video, or meme gets shared dramatically and rapidly across the internet as people share it with their friends and followers. Furthermore, the "virality" of content could also mean the massive interaction the content receives over the internet- it could be comments and likes on a blog or articles, it could be shares of an email newsletter or any other number of ways that people interact with content online.

What makes you go "viral" depends on your audience, how you write the article/video/pic/etc., and what you're trying to accomplish. If you want to make money from your content, there are some things that will help you to do that. If you want to get more readers for your site, there are some things you can do. If you want to promote a product or service, those are different tactics yet again. However, if you're looking at the basic elements of viral content, here are 5 things you need to remember.

1. It inspires.

Viral content inspires the viewers. Viral content is a kind of content that spreads rapidly from one person to another. It is because it contains an attitude or idea that appeals strongly to a large number of individuals. It involves an image, video, text, or some form of media that people can easily pass on to friends and family. The content can be funny, emotional, interesting, controversial or even shocking. As long as it inspires, it will go viral. Something that is too boring or too common would not appeal to anyone, so wouldn't go viral.

An article, picture, or video that is really interesting and informative inspires people. If content can make viewers feel better, and motivate them, and if the content has useful tips or steps then it is more likely to be shared by others. Good content can attract millions of viewers because they feel good after reading it. Remember, people are more likely to pass along content that inspires them.

2. It entertains.

Good content is not only about being inspiring or interesting, but it is also about entertaining. It gives the viewer a state of joy or happiness, something that they can relate to and enjoy. They may feel some sort of connection with the subject of the viral video. When they watch it, they become connected to the video and they feel like they're part of it. Viral content has a certain feeling to it that makes you want to share it with your friends and family. But is there a way you can make it more engaging? Yes! The internet is growing and there are millions of users on the net. Your content can easily go viral if it's illustrated or animated in great quality. This will catch the attention of those who are reading your content. They'll want to spend more time with the content which will eventually lead them to share your stuff online.

3. It's funny.

Viral content is funny, which is why it becomes popular and spread across the internet. The best examples of viral content are memes, which are basically appealing images and videos with a caption written on them which becomes a joke and people find it funny. Memes can be relatable to everyone because they all have different meanings that everyone takes in their own way, while still being humorous to read and look at. This is why memes become so popular on social media networks- they are relatable to everyone and they make us laugh at the same time. If memes aren't funny or relatable then there is no point for people to share them online or even create them in the first place. If you're looking at making your own viral content, try thinking about how you could make a joke that is both relatable and absurd at the same time. Or you could think about how you could create a meme that is so unique that people just have to share it because they've never seen anything like it before!

4. It educates.

Aside from being funny, viral content educates. It is informative in itself. The kind of viral content people share on social media is something that has value and knowledge to them. A viral article is one that helps you solve your problem or live better in some way. When someone comes across informative and helpful content, they are more likely to relay it to their network and are more likely to say "I found this useful, so I want to share it with my friends."

Teaching something new or providing valuable insight will definitely make your content popular since people love to learn new things and share them with everyone.

5. It's fact-based.

Viral content should be based on facts. This is a very important fact because you cannot trust what you hear from anyone these days. Everything is just fake news. If we truly want to make our articles viral and get many readers, we have to make sure that what we write is based on truths or real stories. People will share it and like it if it's interesting and an appealing read, even more, if they are not misled. If the content is based on facts and real stories, then people will be more likely to trust and repeatedly engage with the content.

Otherwise, your audience will get disappointed, and your credibility as a content writer will take a hit. So in order to maintain and continuously entice your readers, be sure to avoid common mistakes in your articles, such as posting about trending topics without any research. It is important to have a solid knowledge about the trending topic before you write anything about it, because people are more inclined to share something that they think was written after a thorough investigation.

Truly great content is inspired by a number of factors. Of course, there's the original concept or idea and the promotion of that idea. But truly great content is crafted and shaped by many different people: writers, researchers, editors, and advisors. It's an idea that isn't merely put into words; it requires that those words flow in a way that appeals to a wide range of readers. In short, truly great content is viral because it's written with a goal in mind – to reach as many people as possible with as much information as possible on a particular subject.

Acquiring the art of making content go viral may not be easy, but it definitely is possible. Most of the time, viral content can be an anomaly but if you look at them, you may see a formula to it. You might achieve this by being passionate about your work. For now, whenever you encounter viral content on your feed, try to figure out why it went viral. Explore the comments, look between the lines, and see what makes everything click. In Chris Do’s podcast with Brendan Kane, they showed a framework of what makes content go viral. The next time you strategize content, try to keep in mind this formula!

What makes content viral?